Open Pixel Systems is a small group of Embedded Systems and Firmware Engineers. Our main goal is to provide customers with state-of-the-art solutions which have been designed from the ground up for their specific need. We do this using as much open source components as possible. Over the years our team has helped clients develop solutions in a wide range of sectors such as Commercial Electronics, Defense, Aerospace, Healthcare,…

FPGA Design Buildroot U-Boot Linux

FPGA / Firmware design for:

  • Image quality improvements
  • Highspeed IR-Camera capture
  • Video processing (Image-Fusion, Video quality improvement, Custom DVI-Core)
  • Integration of multiple Video standards (DVI, HDMI, (HD)SDI,…)
  • Audio processing algorithms


  • Opensource buildroot based build flow for Xilinx devices
  • Integration of Vivado firmware builds into Buildroot
  • Setup of Yocto based buildflow for NXP SoCs


  • Development of BSP for iMX6/8, Xilinx Ultrascale
  • Within the buildflow for Xilinx replace FSBL with U-Boot SPL combined with FIT-images for loading the FPGA Bitstream
  • UBoot board level and driver development


  • Board bringup for various platforms (NXP iMX6/8, AMD Embedded, TI AM57xx, Nvidia TK1/TX1, Xilinx ZynQ 7000, Xilinx Ultrascale,…)
  • Development of custom drivers (ALSA, DRM, V4L2, I2C/SPI/...)
  • HW Accelerated Video Processing software using Low Level iMX6 blocks
  • Audio capture, processing and transmission software based on the ALSA Stack
  • Debugging / Porting of vendor BSPs

Baremetal Development

  • Development for various MCU platforms (STM32, AVR AT32, NXP iMX RT)
  • Custom bootloader design for NXP and STM32 MCUs
  • Porting and integration of Opensource libraries and stacks (LwIP, PicoTCP, FreeRTOS)